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09.23.14 2 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

At night we strolled along Soi Rambuttri and Khao San.

Of course we had to try street food.

1 Baht = 1.3 Pesos

Here’s the best mango sticky rice (with coconut cream), 50 Baht

Fried insects (and scorpions and tarantulas)

Okay I will not even talk about this one because they are overpriced at 100 baht

I <3 RAPE — srsly

Grilled skewered meat and vegetables —  yummmm! 10-20 Baht each

Cocount ice cream (served in the shell, with the meat, and nuts). YUM. 40 Baht

We also got to try a little bistro for dinner

They have live music everywhere

I scored two of these ashtrays from a curios peddler who gave me a free small skull ashtray if I bought the big one (the other one’s black). 200 Baht.


09.22.14 2 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

“Hey, you in Bangkok sweetie. There’s a reason they don’t call it Bangcunt.” 

But first things first, I’m the riles, no loljk.

Temple hopping as it was part of the tour.


You know how old timey photographers would take photos of you then later on put them on the street as 3R or 5R photos with fancy borders for you to buy

Well in the temples they put them on BUTTON PINS.


I should warn people though to bring socks because at the end of this tour I felt like the soles of my feet were burnt like a tongue when eating soup that’s too hot. You have to leave your shoes outside and walk on concrete so for the sake of your feet, wear something.

The first street food that we tried was this, I don’t even know what it is but it tastes like lumpiang togue though it’s made of pork. Actually it’s deep fried pork spring rolls with a side of shredded cabbage. Our driver, Mr. Man, also treated us to some banana cue, Thailand style, which actually looks like banana fritters, and are not as sickly sweet as pinoy banana cue.

These guys who look like the Huns are statues all the way from China in the oldy times.

The reclining Buddha was so freaking huge.

There was a ceremony going on so we didn’t get to go into most of the temples in the grand palace.

09.22.14 0 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

Tonight was spent going to Patpong, one of Bangkok’s red light districts to watch a ping pong show which ruined my childhood innocence because never have I seen anyone have live sex in front of me. I was not prepared.

09.21.14 1 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

Today was spent in elephants, boats, rivers, floating markets, legit pad thai, and shopping.

09.20.14 0 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

Night street hopping. Thai street food is surprisingly delicioussss

I hope i got to try the fried tarntulas and scorpions but then i realized i am an arachnophobe.

One thing i like to do is tip musicians so yes and i also scored two skull ashtrays for only 200 baht