How to properly clean your Roomba?

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How to properly clean your Roomba

When you want to get your house clean without putting too much effort, the Roomba is the best solution. However, the Roombas require cleaning regularly to help them run and clean properly. This article will help you learn how to clean your Roomba to ensure it runs for longer and perform a proper cleanup. Regularly cleaning your Roomba will also ensure that the tool is long-lasting and you can get value for your money. I will walk you through several deferment difficulty levels when it comes to cleaning your Roomba, as listed below:

Level 1: Beginner

Level 2: Beginner

Level 3: Intermediate

You should only attempt level 3 should you be confident in your ability to put your Roomba back together after taking it apart with no damages.


This instructable is for the Roomba 500 series and may not directly apply to your particular device. Start by checking the bottom of your Roomba just above the right back wheel to see the number indicated. Should the number be between 599 to 500 then you are good to proceed directly to the first step. When your number does not lie between 500 and 599, then you are using an earlier Roomba version and you should proceed with caution.

Step 1: Level 1 cleaning (beginner)

This is the basic cleaning level that you should conduct before every run especially when your floor gets too dirty. Some individuals prefer to perform this basic cleaning after every other run, but I would recommend that you do it each time.

Start by taking out the dust bin and emptying all the contents. Proceed to pull on the yellow tab to pull out the Roomba’s filter drawer. The next step is to empty all the dirt in your filter drawer. You can now finally close your filter door and reattach your Roomba’s dust bin firmly.

Step 2: Level 2 cleaning (beginner)

This level of cleaning is a little bit more complicated and advanced when compared to step 1. The level 2 cleaning should be done after about 3-10 runs depending on how dirty your floor usually is.

Hold your Roomba upside down and get a hold of both the yellow tabs located at the bottom of the brush unit and lift. This will give you access to the brushes to help you remove all sort of debris that might be stuck including hair and string. Use a small scissor to cut away strings or hair stuck around your brushes.

Next, you need to pull on the yellow cap located on the opposite end of the brushes. Once you have removed the cap, use a toothpick to remove debris stuck on the cap’s indentation. You then have to reattach the cap to the brush carefully to avoid any damages. Proceed to repeat the steps above to the other brush before closing the brush cover.

 Step 3: Level 3 (intermediate)

This step is not necessary and quite frankly very difficult to perform. You should not proceed to perform this level of cleaning unless it is completely necessary. Start by removing the Roomba’s rotating brush screws and placing them in a safe spot. Grab the rotating brush and pull up until it snaps off. You then need to remove the Roomba’s bottom faceplate by taking out the screws. Blow away all the dust and debris you find underneath the faceplate. You can then proceed to reassemble the Roomba.


Once you perform the cleaning process, your Roomba will work quieter while running for much longer. However, be very careful when performing the cleaning process.

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