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06.28.13 3 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

Got the last stock. Shy Girl is a creamy neutral coral beige (cremesheen)

Wonderin why they got the fugly old stickers back. This be authentic though, bought directly at a MAC stall at the mall. Retails for P1000 each, P1100 by next month T____T

it’s got tiny shimmers but i can’t see them anyway so who cares

(L) Creme Cup , (R) Shy Girl

i only got this because i am mesmerized by Miley Cyrus right now. Not that I like her.

03.06.13 3 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog


Because photo and video taking policies in public in the Phili-f*cking-ppines has become ridiculous to the point of it being irrational in so many levels and metalevels, yes I have decided to get myself a point and shoot, a compact one at that!


It’s a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS (which is the GPS capable version of the SX240 HS, not that I’ll be utilizing it but the latter was out of stock or something).


So many dials to play with o__O


Also, 20x optical zoom times 4x digital zoom for a total of 80 something times of concert zooming.


I am also digging the green AF assist lamp o___O

I was choosing between a Lumix ZS20, this, and a Sony HX30v (all superzoom compacts, most places don’t allow bridge cameras as well) but this one was already available in black and the seller had a crazy cheap deal on it. 

and as promised, a shot of my camera (not from the said helicopter though)


I have yet to try the zoom under low light but it seems to be functioning well. I know the biggest aperture is only 3.5 but at least it’s less blurry than 3.1-3.3 — Also need an extra battery pack lol for maximum concert documentation. 



Taken right outside Pancake House’s (Gateway) window. The pink arrow shows where i’m zooming in on the following pictures:

this is at 20x (optical zoom)

4x more zoom for a total of 80x —- and two random people later.

photos were sharp for unstabilized, handheld shots!

this is not a paid review.

01.31.13 1 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog


My current contact lenses (Dueba Barbie Girly Chip Soy Latte / G&G Blossom Brown) were apparently more than 100 below my actual grade and i want to see the world bright and clear so i just had to get ones in -3.75! Japanesecandy has been my go-to shop for circle lenses because they ship super fast, they accept payments via Unionbank online transfer (less hassle) and they have loads of lenses on hand. They were running a sale so i got this pair for only P340, inclusive of shipping! Sadly though they didn’t have natural looking browns for my tastes. :( i had to settle with this, Dueba (Sweety) Gossip Gray.


above: girly chip soy latte. below: dueba gossip gray

The pattern on it looks super subtle on the case as the limbal ring is a faint black-grey. The material itself is pretty thin and comfy. 

but once popped in…


i think these may be one of the fakest looking contact lenses i have ever worn. still pretty though, from afar, but when i check myself on the mirror i creep myself out. definitely not for close encounters with males / dates / and normal people.

12.10.12 3 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

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12.03.12 3 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

I was surprised that this sold for only P350! I thought lashes from this brand cost P600++

I’ve heard good stuff about the brand but never really bothered to try it because i was once cheap and i don’t really need falsies as my lashes are long and thick on their own. But since December is a time for Christmas parties…..

I got 120 Demis because they were the ones that appealed to me the most. :D Then later when i got home, I found out that these are the exact same lashes that Jess from New Girl (Zooey Deschanel) is wearing on the show! (more about that here.)

Ardell lashes are made from 100% clean human hair, so they blend in! They are also significantly lighter, and my favorite thing about them is that they’re not shiny, unlike those cheapo synthetic hair lashes that reflect like 100% of the light fired from flash.

L-R: with and without. Zooey’s makeup artist Jorjee Douglass suggests to cut these in three for easier application but im scurred to do that by myself!

i prefer wearing mine closer to the outer corner because my eyes are small. Big pancake eyed girls like Zooey can wear them on the center. 

i’m going back to buy their lash accents (the wispy lashes for the outer corners only) and some lash glue because my previous one dried up!

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