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09.28.14 1 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

Coming home from Thailand I decided to have my extensions removed because I felt like they were coming out due to salt and water among many other things.

And yes, about half of my real eyelashes came out with the extensions.

I felt so… naked without my usually freaky lashes. I mean sure, I know they’ll grow back (the technician said to give it two weeks until the baby lashes sprout back), besides, what, I get about two lashes in my eye everyday but still the little buggers grow right back where they fell out. But still weird! They were still quite long but.. a little sparse-r.

So because the rest of my family was on the way to the mall I went with them to have my eyelashes re-done at Stylash.


I asked the technicians what I should do if I want to have extensions long-term. Of course I didn’t want to put too much stress on my real lashes, so I wanted to know what they’d recommend. This time, I got the Superstar extensions (240 pcs both eyes) in C-shape lashes, posh (same length used throughout, fit for everyday wear), and I had them use thinner, 0.15mm lashes because the 0.20mm ones were quite itchy and hard and heavy.


They look so natural though. I hope my real ones grow back quick ( ᴗ ˳ ᴗ ) 

I was supposed to pay P1200 for it but then they only made me pay P840 — apparently they have a discount of 30% off from 1-2PM, and 20% off from 2-3PM.


Tip: I know it’s very tempting to pull them out, but DON’T. Just let them fall out naturally because your eyelashes will appear thinner if you pull them out all at once. 


I keep coming back to this salon because they use real mink hair, which are generally just like natural eyelashes. It feels like there’s nothing glued on to mine! Again, my lashes were done by Ms. Agnes of Stylash Eyelash Salon Fishermall <3

1. Landmark Makati:
Ground Level, Cosmetics Section, Near counter 16
Contact number: 0917.6685043 

2. SM City BF Paranaque
3rd Level
0917.6685042 0918.5918694

3. Fisher Mall Quezon City
3rd Level
Contact numbers: 0917.6684957 0918.6212855

4. SM City Dasmarinas
Upper G/F (Near Let’s Face It)
Contact numbers: 0915.9984189 0918.5918739

5. Sm City Bicutan
Lower G/F, Building B
Contact numbers: 0915.9984189 0918.5918739

09.18.14 1 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

So i got eyelash extensions at Stylash this morning. (Yes, groupon site hoarder right here! This was a deal from Ensogo).

I know a lot of people who regret getting extensions, saying that they are too high maintenance, too heavy, and that they sting. You can’t curl your lashes, can’t use mascara, can’t rub your eyes, and that they are really uncomfortable in general.

Stylash uses natural mink hair for their extensions, which comes in different sizes, thickness, colors and shapes. You can check out their website for that but my voucher only allowed for the “Natural” look, and i opted for the C-shape lashes in the shape “chic” (which is basically just longer along the middle).

The technician had to assess my lashes first and recommended 10mm lashes in 0.20mm thickness, as well as shorter 8mm lashes to fill in near the corners of my eyes. Yes my lashes are naturally freaky long and thick that they had to use pretty long and thick lashes too. :)

The procedure lasted an hour, I think (that with eyebrow threading). All I could make out was that they had to tape things on my eyelids, and that the glue smelled like dissolved superglue. It didn’t sting but sometimes the hair would poke my waterline and that felt itchy! The glue also stung my nose a little from the smell. Then poof! Before I went they gave this packet of Q10 collagen treatment to use before i sleep tonight.

These are I think 80pcs per eye. Next time I’ll try 120pcs for more conversation starters and small talk. Like, “bae y u have eyelashes on ur eyelashes” or “gurl you lashes they freaky are dey na-tu-ruhl?”

As I am typing this now, i can hardly feel them. They’re so light and fluffy they feel just like my natural lashes. The only weight I feel is a tiny bit, from the residual glue, but it will come off soon.

So yes, first lash extension experience, great success! Tip:if you’re going to get extensions elsewhere, make sure they use natural hair and that they glue the lashes to your natural lashes at a 1:1 ratio.

It was Ms. Agnes from Stylash Fishermall who did my lashes, btw. 💜

06.28.13 3 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog

Got the last stock. Shy Girl is a creamy neutral coral beige (cremesheen)

Wonderin why they got the fugly old stickers back. This be authentic though, bought directly at a MAC stall at the mall. Retails for P1000 each, P1100 by next month T____T

it’s got tiny shimmers but i can’t see them anyway so who cares

(L) Creme Cup , (R) Shy Girl

i only got this because i am mesmerized by Miley Cyrus right now. Not that I like her.

03.06.13 3 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog


Because photo and video taking policies in public in the Phili-f*cking-ppines has become ridiculous to the point of it being irrational in so many levels and metalevels, yes I have decided to get myself a point and shoot, a compact one at that!


It’s a Canon PowerShot SX260 HS (which is the GPS capable version of the SX240 HS, not that I’ll be utilizing it but the latter was out of stock or something).


So many dials to play with o__O


Also, 20x optical zoom times 4x digital zoom for a total of 80 something times of concert zooming.


I am also digging the green AF assist lamp o___O

I was choosing between a Lumix ZS20, this, and a Sony HX30v (all superzoom compacts, most places don’t allow bridge cameras as well) but this one was already available in black and the seller had a crazy cheap deal on it. 

and as promised, a shot of my camera (not from the said helicopter though)


I have yet to try the zoom under low light but it seems to be functioning well. I know the biggest aperture is only 3.5 but at least it’s less blurry than 3.1-3.3 — Also need an extra battery pack lol for maximum concert documentation. 



Taken right outside Pancake House’s (Gateway) window. The pink arrow shows where i’m zooming in on the following pictures:

this is at 20x (optical zoom)

4x more zoom for a total of 80x —- and two random people later.

photos were sharp for unstabilized, handheld shots!

this is not a paid review.

01.31.13 1 NOTES COMMENTS Reblog


My current contact lenses (Dueba Barbie Girly Chip Soy Latte / G&G Blossom Brown) were apparently more than 100 below my actual grade and i want to see the world bright and clear so i just had to get ones in -3.75! Japanesecandy has been my go-to shop for circle lenses because they ship super fast, they accept payments via Unionbank online transfer (less hassle) and they have loads of lenses on hand. They were running a sale so i got this pair for only P340, inclusive of shipping! Sadly though they didn’t have natural looking browns for my tastes. :( i had to settle with this, Dueba (Sweety) Gossip Gray.


above: girly chip soy latte. below: dueba gossip gray

The pattern on it looks super subtle on the case as the limbal ring is a faint black-grey. The material itself is pretty thin and comfy. 

but once popped in…


i think these may be one of the fakest looking contact lenses i have ever worn. still pretty though, from afar, but when i check myself on the mirror i creep myself out. definitely not for close encounters with males / dates / and normal people.